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BRAND NAME: lidocaine HCl

lidocaine HCl
  Status Notes or Restrictions
Anthem Blue Cross (HMO, PPO, EPO) nonform.gif (625 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
Cigna + Oscar preferred.gif (540 bytes)  
Health Net notlisted.gif (324 bytes)  
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Northern California preferred.gif (540 bytes)  
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Southern California preferred.gif (540 bytes)  
Oscar preferred.gif (540 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
Sharp Health Plan notlisted.gif (324 bytes)  
Sutter Health Plus preferred.gif (540 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
UnitedHealthcare preferred.gif (540 bytes)  
Western Health Advantage preferred.gif (540 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)

preferred.gif (540 bytes)  Preferred

approved.gif (510 bytes)   Approved

priorauth.gif (816 bytes)  Prior Auth.

nonform.gif (625 bytes)    Non-Formulary notreimb.gif (645 bytes)   Not Reimbursed notlisted.gif (324 bytes)   Not Listed
nonform.gif (625 bytes)    Benefits/Policies generic.gif (400 bytes) Generic Available, Brand Listed for reference only. Brand may not be covered.

NOTES.gif (377 bytes)NOTES_restrict.gif (372 bytes)

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