Drugs for the Stomach
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Generic Name Brand Name
activated charcoal activated charcoal
activated charcoal CharcoCaps
activated charcoal-calcium car Toxin Control
activated charcoal-simethicone Bicarsim Forte
alpha-d-galactosidase Beano Meltaways
alpha-d-galactosidase Beano To Go
alpha-d-galactosidase Beano Ultra 800
alpha-d-galactosidase CVS Beanaid
alpha-d-galactosidase Gas Relief & Prevention
alpha-d-galactosidase Gas-X Prevention
alpha-d-galactosidase RA Anti-Gas
amy-cell-lipas-malt-prt-lac-in Digestive Enzymes
amylase-protease-papain-papaya Papaya Enzyme (Amylas-Proteas)
cellulase (bulk) Cellulase
chenodiol Chenodal
cholic acid Cholbam
chymotrypsin (bulk) Chymotrypsin (Alpha)
dehydrocholic acid (bulk) Dehydrocholic Acid (Bulk)
dexpanthenol (bulk) Dexpanthenol
digestive 8-L.acidoph-pectin EQL Digestive Enzymes
digestive enzymes Enzymatic Digestant (Tab)
digestive enzymes Enzyme Digest
digestive enzymes MM-Zyme
digestive enzymes Xymozyme
digestive enzymes combo no.7 Digestive Enzyme
glutamine GlutaMent
glutamine Glutamine (Powd)
glutamine GlutImmune
glutamine Nutrestore
glutamine (sickle cell) Endari
lactase CVS Dairy Relief
lactase CVS Dairy Relief Ex St
lactase Dairy Digestive
lactase Dairy Digestive Supplement
lactase Dairy Digestive Supplement 9,000 Unit Tab
lactase EQ Dairy Digestive Fast Acting
lactase EQL Dairy Digest Fast Acting
lactase Lac-Dose
lactase Lactaid
lactase Lactaid Fast Act (Chew)
lactase Lactaid Fast Act (Tab)
lactase lactase
lactase Lactose Fast Acting Relief
lactase RA Dairy Aid
lactase SM Ultra Dairy Digestive
lactase Surelac
lactase (bulk) Lactase 5000
lactobacillus acidoph-lactase Dairycare
lactulose Enulose
lactulose Generlac
lactulose lactulose
lipase-protease-amylase Bevitrol
lipase-protease-amylase Creon
lipase-protease-amylase Enzadyne
lipase-protease-amylase Pancreaze
lipase-protease-amylase Pancrelipase (Cpdr)
lipase-protease-amylase Pancrelipase (Tab)
lipase-protease-amylase Pancrelipase 5000
lipase-protease-amylase Pertzye
lipase-protease-amylase Ultresa
lipase-protease-amylase Ultresa 13,800-27,600 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Ultresa 20,700-41,400 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Ultresa 23,000-46,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Viokace
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 10,000-34,000 -55,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 15,000-51,000 -82,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 20,000-68,000 -109,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 25,000-85,000- 136,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 3,000-10,000- 16,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 40,000-136,000- 218,000 Unit Cpdr
lipase-protease-amylase Zenpep 5,000-17,000 -27,000 Unit Cpdr
metoclopramide HCl Gimoti
metoclopramide HCl metoclopramide HCl
metoclopramide HCl Metozolv ODT 5 Mg TbDi
metoclopramide HCl Reglan
octreotide acetate Bynfezia Pen
octreotide acetate octreotide acetate
octreotide acetate SandoSTATIN
octreotide acetate Sandostatin 1,000 Mcg/Ml Soln
octreotide acetate Sandostatin 200 Mcg/Ml Soln
octreotide,microspheres SandoSTATIN LAR Depot
octreotide,microspheres Sandostatin LAR Depot (Kit)
octreotide,microspheres Sandostatin LAR Depot 10 Mg Kit
octreotide,microspheres Sandostatin LAR Depot 20 Mg Kit
octreotide,microspheres Sandostatin LAR Depot 30 Mg Kit
palifermin Kepivance
pancreatin-lipase-protease-amy Pancreatin (With Lip-Prot-Amy)
pancreatin-pepsin-betaine-ammn Digest II
pancreatin-potass-sod bicarb Karbozyme
pepsin-amy-ox bile-pan-bet-pap Enzymatic Digestant
pepsin-betaine Pepsin-Betaine
pepsin-glutam-betaine-gentian GastrAcid
pepsin-glutamic acid-betaine Acigest
pepsin-glutamic acid-betaine Milco-Zyme
pepsin-pancreatic enz-betaine Acidoll
pepsin-pancreatic enz-betaine Acigest II
prucalopride Motegrity
sacrosidase Sucraid
simethicone Bicarsim
simethicone Bicarsim Forte
simethicone CVS Gas Relief Extra Strength
simethicone DRxChoice Gas Relief
simethicone EQ Gas Relief Extra Strength
simethicone Gas Relief
simethicone Gas Relief Maximum Strength
simethicone Gas-X
simethicone Gas-X Childrens
simethicone Gas-X Extra Strength
simethicone Gas-X Ultra Strength
simethicone GNP Anti-Gas
simethicone GNP Gas Relief
simethicone GNP Gas Relief Max St
simethicone GNP Infant Gas Relief
simethicone Little Remedies for Tummys
simethicone Little Remedies Gas Relief
simethicone Mi-Acid Gas Relief
simethicone Mylanta Gas Minis
simethicone Mylicon
simethicone Mylicon Infants Gas Relief
simethicone Mytab Gas (Simethicone)
simethicone Mytab Gas Maximum Strength
simethicone Phazyme (Chew)
simethicone Phazyme Maximum Strength
simethicone Phazyme Ultra Strength
simethicone QC Gas Relief Extra Strength
simethicone RA Gas Relief
simethicone RA Gas Relief Ultra Strength
simethicone Simeped
simethicone simethicone
simethicone Simethicone Drops Infants
simethicone SM Gas Relief
simethicone (bulk) Simethicone
sodium desoxycholate (bulk) Sodium Deoxycholate
somatropin Genotropin
somatropin Nutropin Depot 18 Mg Kit
somatropin Saizen
somatropin Serostim
somatropin Serostim 8.8 Mg Solr
somatropin Zorbtive
teduglutide Gattex
ursodiol Actigall
ursodiol Reltone
ursodiol Urso 250
ursodiol Urso Forte
ursodiol ursodiol
ursodiol (bulk) Ursodiol
vonoprazan-amoxicillin Voquezna Dual Pak
vonoprazan-amoxicillin-clarith Voquezna Triple Pak