Drugs for Pain and Fever
Drugs for Sedation

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Generic Name Brand Name
articaine-epinephrine bitart Articadent Dental
articaine-epinephrine bitart articaine-epinephrine bitart
articaine-epinephrine bitart Orabloc
articaine-epinephrine bitart Septocaine 4 %- 1:200,000 Crtg
bupivacaine (bulk) Bupivacaine HCl
bupivacaine (PF) bupivacaine (PF)
bupivacaine (PF) Marcaine
bupivacaine (PF) Marcaine Preservative Free
bupivacaine (PF) P-Care M
bupivacaine (PF) Sensorcaine-MPF
bupivacaine HCl bupivacaine HCl
bupivacaine HCl Marcaine
bupivacaine HCl Sensorcaine
bupivacaine HCl Xaracoll
bupivacaine in NaCl(PF) bupivacaine in NaCl(PF)
bupivacaine liposome (PF) Exparel
bupivacaine(PF)/norfl-HFC245fa Marvona SUIK
bupivacaine(PF)/norfl-HFC245fa P-Care MG
bupivacaine-dextrose-water(PF) bupivacaine-dextrose-water(PF)
bupivacaine-dextrose-water(PF) Marcaine Spinal
bupivacaine-dextrose-water(PF) Sensorcaine-MPF Spinal
bupivacaine-epinephrine bupivacaine-epinephrine
bupivacaine-epinephrine Marcaine/Epinephrine
bupivacaine-epinephrine Sensorcaine/EPINEPHrine
bupivacaine-epinephrine (PF) bupivacaine-epinephrine (PF)
bupivacaine-epinephrine (PF) Marcaine/Epinephrine PF
bupivacaine-epinephrine (PF) Sensorcaine-MPF/EPINEPHrine
bupivacaine-ketorolac-ketamine bupivacaine-ketorolac-ketamine
bupivacaine-meloxicam Zynrelef
chloroprocaine Nesacaine
chloroprocaine (PF) chloroprocaine (PF)
chloroprocaine (PF) Clorotekal
chloroprocaine (PF) Nesacaine-MPF
desflurane desflurane
desflurane Suprane
droperidol droperidol
etomidate Amidate
etomidate etomidate
fentanyl citrate (PF) fentanyl citrate (PF)
fentanyl citrate (PF) Sublimaze (PF)
isoflurane Forane
isoflurane isoflurane
isoflurane Terrell
ketamine Ketalar
ketamine ketamine
ketamine in 0.9 % sod chloride ketamine in 0.9 % sod chloride
ketamine in NaCl, iso-osmotic ketamine in NaCl, iso-osmotic
ketamine in sterile water ketamine in sterile water
lidocaine lidocaine
lidocaine (PF) in D7.5W lidocaine (PF) in D7.5W
lidocaine (PF) lidocaine (PF)
lidocaine (PF) P-Care X
lidocaine (PF) ReadySharp Lidocaine
lidocaine (PF) Xylocaine-MPF
lidocaine HCl lidocaine HCl
lidocaine HCl LTA Pre-Attached
lidocaine HCl Xylocaine
lidocaine HCl Zingo
lidocaine HCl (PF) and bandage Lidomark 1/5
lidocaine HCl (PF) and bandage Lidomark 2/5
lidocaine HCl(PF) in 0.9% NaCl lidocaine HCl(PF) in 0.9% NaCl
lidocaine in NaCl,iso-osmo(PF) lidocaine in NaCl,iso-osmo(PF)
lidocaine with 8.4% sod bicarb lidocaine with 8.4% sod bicarb
lidocaine with sod phosphate lidocaine with sod phosphate
lidocaine(PF)-norflur-HFC245fa Accucaine
lidocaine-epinephrine lidocaine-epinephrine
lidocaine-epinephrine Xylocaine/Epinephrine
lidocaine-epinephrine (PF) D-Care 100X
lidocaine-epinephrine (PF) lidocaine-epinephrine (PF)
lidocaine-epinephrine (PF) Xylocaine-MPF/Epinephrine
lidocaine-epinephrine bit lidocaine-epinephrine bit
lidocaine-epinephrine bit Xylocaine Dental
lidocaine-epineph-sodium chlor lidocaine-epineph-sodium chlor
lidocaine-prilocain-0.9 % NaCl IV Infusion CPI
mepivacaine Carbocaine
mepivacaine Carbocaine (Crtg)
mepivacaine Carbocaine 1.5 % Soln
mepivacaine mepivacaine
mepivacaine Polocaine
mepivacaine Polocaine (Crtg)
mepivacaine Scandonest Plain
mepivacaine (PF) Carbocaine Preservative-Free
mepivacaine (PF) Polocaine-MPF
methohexital Brevital 5 Gram Solr
methohexital Brevital Sodium
methohexital in water (PF) methohexital in water (PF)
midazolam midazolam
midazolam (PF) midazolam (PF)
midazolam (PF) in 0.9 % NaCl midazolam (PF) in 0.9 % NaCl
midazolam in 0.9 % sod chlorid midazolam in 0.9 % sod chlorid
midazolam in dextrose 5 % midazolam in dextrose 5 %
midazolam in NaCl, iso-osmotic midazolam in NaCl, iso-osmotic
midazolam in NaCl,iso-osmo(PF) midazolam in NaCl,iso-osmo(PF)
midazolam-ketamine-ondansetron MKO Melt Dose Pack
prilocaine Citanest Plain Dental
prilocaine (bulk) Prilocaine
prilocaine HCl (bulk) Prilocaine
prilocaine-epinephrine bitart Citanest Forte Dental
propofol Anesthesia S/I-40
propofol ANESTHESIA S/I-40A
propofol Anesthesia S/I-40H
propofol ANESTHESIA S/I-40S
propofol Anesthesia S/I-60
propofol Diprivan
propofol propofol
propofol (PF) Propoven (PF)
propofol (PF) Propoven (PF) 1,000 Mg/100 Ml (10 Mg/Ml) Emul
propofol (PF) Propoven (PF) 200 Mg/20 Ml (10 Mg/Ml) Emul
propofol (PF) Propoven (PF) 500 Mg/50 Ml (10 Mg/Ml) Emul
propofol in lipid MCT/LCT(PF) Fresenius Propoven
propofol in lipid MCT/LCT(PF) Propofol-Lipuro
remifentanil remifentanil
remifentanil Ultiva
remimazolam Byfavo
ropivacaine (PF) Naropin
ropivacaine (PF) ropivacaine (PF)
ropivacaine (PF)-NaCl,iso-osm ropivacaine (PF)-NaCl,iso-osm
ropivacaine HCl (bulk) Ropivacaine HCl
ropivacaine(PF)-0.9 % sodchlor ropivacaine(PF)-0.9 % sodchlor
ropivacaine-clonidin-ketorolac ropivacaine-clonidin-ketorolac
ropivacaine-ketorolac-ketamine ropivacaine-ketorolac-ketamine
sevoflurane sevoflurane
sevoflurane Sojourn
sevoflurane Ultane
sufentanil citrate Sufenta
sufentanil citrate sufentanil citrate
tetracaine (bulk) Tetracaine HCl
tetracaine HCl (PF) tetracaine HCl (PF)