Drugs for Pain and Fever
Arthritis and Pain Drugs


sarilumab No Generic Available
  Status Notes or Restrictions
Anthem Blue Cross - 2014 to Present (HMO, PPO, EPO) nonform.gif (625 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
HealthNet - All plan years priorauth.gif (816 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Northern California - All plan years nonform.gif (625 bytes)  
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Southern California - All plan years nonform.gif (625 bytes)  
Oscar Health - 2018 to Present approved.gif (510 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
Sharp Health Plan - All plan years notlisted.gif (324 bytes)  
Sutter Health Plus approved.gif (510 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
UnitedHealthcare - 2014 to Present priorauth.gif (816 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)
Western Health Advantage - All plan years approved.gif (510 bytes) NOTES_restrict.gif (377 bytes)

preferred.gif (540 bytes)  Preferred

approved.gif (510 bytes)   Approved

priorauth.gif (816 bytes)  Prior Auth.

nonform.gif (625 bytes)    Non-Formulary notreimb.gif (645 bytes)   Not Reimbursed notlisted.gif (324 bytes)   Not Listed
nonform.gif (625 bytes)    Benefits/Policies generic.gif (400 bytes) Generic Available, Brand Listed for reference only. Brand may not be covered.

NOTES.gif (377 bytes)NOTES_restrict.gif (372 bytes)

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