Drugs for the Urinary System
Drugs for the Bladder

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Generic Name Brand Name
bethanechol chloride bethanechol chloride
bethanechol chloride Urecholine
darifenacin darifenacin
darifenacin Enablex
fesoterodine Toviaz
flavoxate flavoxate
mirabegron Myrbetriq
oxybutynin Gelnique
oxybutynin Oxytrol
oxybutynin Oxytrol For Women
oxybutynin chloride Ditropan XL
oxybutynin chloride Gelnique
oxybutynin chloride Gelnique Pump
oxybutynin chloride oxybutynin chloride
solifenacin solifenacin
solifenacin VESIcare
tolterodine Detrol
tolterodine Detrol LA
tolterodine tolterodine
trospium Sanctura
trospium Sanctura XR
trospium trospium