Drugs for the Stomach
Drugs for Ulcers and Stomach Acid

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Generic Name Brand Name
Al hyd-Mg tr-alg ac-sod bicarb Antacid
Al hyd-Mg tr-alg ac-sod bicarb Gaviscon
Al hyd-Mg tr-alg ac-sod bicarb SM Foaming Antacid
aluminum hydroxide gel aluminum hydroxide gel
aluminum hydroxide gel (bulk) Aluminum Hydroxide Dried Gel
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Acid Gone
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Antacid Extra Strength
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb CVS Heartburn Relief
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Gaviscon
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Gaviscon Extra Strength
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb GNP Foaming Antacid
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Heartburn Antacid Ex St
aluminum hydrox-magnesium carb Heartburn Relief Ex St
aluminum silicate mag (bulk) Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
aluminum-magnesium hydroxide Mag-Al
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Almacone Double Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth alum-mag hydroxide-simeth
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid Advanced
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid Fast Relief
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid Liquid
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid M
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid Maximum Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid Plus Anti-Gas Relief
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Antacid/Simethicone DS
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Comfort Gel Antacid & Anti-Gas
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Comfort Gel Antacid Anti-Gas
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth CVS Antacid/Simethicone
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Di-Gel (Susp)
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth EQ Antacid Maximum Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Gelusil
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Geri-Lanta
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Geri-Mox
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth GNP Antacid & Anti-Gas
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth GNP Antacid Regular Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth HyVee Advanced Antacid
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Maalox Max
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Maalox Plus Extra Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mag-Al Plus
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mag-Al Plus XS
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mi-Acid
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mi-Acid Maximum Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Milantex
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Milantex Extra Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mintox Maximum Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mintox Plus
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mintox Regular Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth Mylanta Maximum Strength
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth RA Antacid/Anti-Gas Max St
alum-mag hydroxide-simeth SM Antacid Advanced
amoxicil-clarithromy-lansopraz amoxicil-clarithromy-lansopraz
amoxicil-clarithromy-lansopraz Prevpac
bismuth subcit K-metronidz-tcn Pylera
calcium carb-mag hydrox-simeth Di-Gel (Chew)
calcium carb-mag hydrox-simeth EQ Antacid Antigas Multi-Sympt
calcium carb-mag hydrox-simeth Mylanta Tonight
calcium carbonate Antacid
calcium carbonate Antacid Extra Strength
calcium carbonate Antacid Ultra Strength
calcium carbonate Calcium Antacid
calcium carbonate Calcium Antacid Ultra
calcium carbonate Calcium Antacid Ultra Max St
calcium carbonate calcium carbonate
calcium carbonate Cal-Gest Antacid
calcium carbonate Childrens Pepto
calcium carbonate Childrens Soothe
calcium carbonate CVS Antacid Childrens
calcium carbonate CVS Antacid Soft Chews Ultr St
calcium carbonate CVS Chewy Not Chalky Flavor
calcium carbonate CVS Smooth Antacid Extra St
calcium carbonate EQ Antacid Ultra Strength
calcium carbonate GNP Antacid Extra Strength
calcium carbonate GoodSense Antacid
calcium carbonate Healthy Mama Tame the Flame
calcium carbonate HM Calcium Antacid
calcium carbonate HM Calcium Antacid Ultra St
calcium carbonate Maalox
calcium carbonate Maalox Childrens
calcium carbonate Maalox Quick Dissolve
calcium carbonate Maalox Quick Dissolve 400 Mg Calcium (1,000 Mg) Chew
calcium carbonate SM Antacid
calcium carbonate SM Calcium Antacid
calcium carbonate SM Calcium Antacid Ultra St
calcium carbonate Soothe (Calcium Carbonate)
calcium carbonate Titralac
calcium carbonate Tums
calcium carbonate Tums Chewy Delights
calcium carbonate Tums Extra Strength 750
calcium carbonate Tums Smoothies
calcium carbonate Tums Ultra 1000
calcium carbonate-mag hydroxid Antacid Extra Strength
calcium carbonate-mag hydroxid Antacid Ultra Strength
calcium carbonate-mag hydroxid CVS Antacid Supreme
calcium carbonate-mag hydroxid GNP Antacid
calcium carbonate-mag hydroxid Rolaids
calcium carbonate-simethicone Gas-X with Maalox Ex St
calcium carbonate-simethicone GNP Antacid & Anti-Gas
calcium carbonate-simethicone Maalox Advanced Max St
calcium carbonate-simethicone Maalox Junior Plus Antigas
calcium glycerophosphate Prelief
cimetidine cimetidine
cimetidine EQ Acid Reducer
cimetidine GNP Heartburn Relief 200
cimetidine Tagamet HB
cimetidine (bulk) Cimetidine
cimetidine HCl cimetidine HCl
dexlansoprazole Dexilant
dexlansoprazole Kapidex 30 Mg CpDB
esomeprazole mag-glycerin Esomep-EZS
esomeprazole magnesium esomeprazole magnesium
esomeprazole magnesium NexIUM
esomeprazole magnesium NexIUM 24HR
esomeprazole magnesium NexIUM 24HR Clear Minis
esomeprazole sodium esomeprazole sodium
esomeprazole sodium NexIUM I.V.
esomeprazole strontium esomeprazole strontium
famotidine Acid Controller Original Str
famotidine CVS Acid Controller Max St
famotidine EQ Acid Reducer
famotidine EQ Acid Reducer Max St
famotidine EQL Heartburn Prevention
famotidine famotidine
famotidine Heartburn Relief
famotidine Heartburn Relief Max St
famotidine Pepcid
famotidine Pepcid AC
famotidine Pepcid AC Maximum Strength
famotidine (bulk) Famotidine
famotidine (PF) famotidine (PF)
famotidine (PF)-NaCl (iso-os) famotidine (PF)-NaCl (iso-os)
famotidine in 0.9 % NaCl famotidine in 0.9 % NaCl
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox Acid Controller Complete
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox Acid Reducer Complete
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox Duo Fusion
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox HM Complete Dual Action
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox Pepcid Complete
famotidine-Ca carb-mag hydrox PX Dual Action
lansoprazole lansoprazole
lansoprazole Prevacid
lansoprazole Prevacid 24HR
lansoprazole Prevacid SoluTab
lansoprazole (bulk) Lansoprazole
magnesium carbonate magnesium carbonate
magnesium carbonate-asafetida Dewees Carminative
magnesium hydroxide Phillips Milk of Magnesia
magnesium oxide magnesium oxide
magnesium phosphate (bulk) Magnesium Phosphate
metronid-tetracyc-bis subsal Helidac Therapy
misoprostol Cytotec
misoprostol misoprostol
misoprostol (bulk) MiSOPROStol Dispersion (HPMC)
nizatidine nizatidine
omeprazole omeprazole
omeprazole PriLOSEC
omeprazole (bulk) Omeprazole
omeprazole magnesium Acid Reducer
omeprazole magnesium omeprazole magnesium
omeprazole magnesium PriLOSEC
omeprazole magnesium PriLOSEC OTC
omeprazole-amoxicill-rifabutin Talicia
omeprazole-clarith-amoxicillin Omeclamox-Pak
omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate OmePPi
omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate
omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate Zegerid
omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate Zegerid OTC
pantoprazole pantoprazole
pantoprazole Protonix
pot bicarb-sod bicarb-cit ac Alka-Seltzer Gold
rabeprazole Aciphex
rabeprazole AcipHex Sprinkle
rabeprazole rabeprazole
ranitidine HCl ranitidine HCl
ranitidine HCl Zantac
ranitidine HCl Zantac 150 Maximum Strength
ranitidine HCl Zantac 25 EFFERdose
ranitidine HCl Zantac 75
ranitidine HCl (bulk) raNITIdine HCl
sod bicarb-citric ac-simeth E-Z-Gas II
sodium bicarb and citrate Alka-Seltzer Heartburn
sodium bicarbonate sodium bicarbonate
sodium citrate Citra pH
sodium citrate Nauzene
sucralfate Carafate
sucralfate sucralfate
sucralfate (bulk) Sucralfate