Drugs for Pain and Fever
Arthritis and Pain Drugs

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Generic Name Brand Name
abatacept Orencia
abatacept Orencia ClickJect
abatacept (with maltose) Orencia
acetaminophen 7T Gummy ES
acetaminophen acetaminophen
acetaminophen Ofirmev
acetaminophen Q-PAP
acetaminophen Tylenol
acetaminophen Tylenol 8 Hour
acetaminophen Tylenol 8 Hour Arthritis Pain
acetaminophen Tylenol Childrens
acetaminophen Tylenol Extra Strength
acetaminophen Tylenol Infants Pain+Fever
acetaminophen (bulk) Acetaminophen
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Dvorah
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Panlor
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Panlor DC
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Panlor SS
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Trezix
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Trezix 356.4-30-16 Mg Cap
acetaminophen-caff-dihydrocod Zerlor
acetaminophen-codeine acetaminophen-codeine
acetaminophen-codeine Capital/Codeine
acetaminophen-codeine Cocet
acetaminophen-codeine Cocet Plus
acetaminophen-codeine Tylenol with Codeine #3
acetaminophen-codeine Tylenol with Codeine #4
acetaminophen-codeine Vopac
Adalimumab Amjevita
Adalimumab Amjevita 20 Mg/0.4 Ml Sykt
Adalimumab Amjevita 40 Mg/0.8 Ml Sykt
adalimumab Humira
adalimumab Humira Pediatric Crohns Start
adalimumab Humira Pen
adalimumab Humira Pen-CD/UC/HS Starter
adalimumab Humira Pen-Ps/UV/Adol HS Start
Adalimumab-Adbm Cyltezo
Adalimumab-Bwwd Hadlima
Adalimumab-Bwwd Hadlima 40 Mg/0.8 Ml Sykt
alfentanil Alfenta
alfentanil alfentanil
anakinra Kineret
antipyrine (bulk) Antipyrine
apremilast Otezla
apremilast Otezla Starter 10 Mg (4)-20 Mg (4)-30 Mg(19) DsPk
ASA-acetaminophen-salicyl-caff Pain Relief
aspirin Adult Low Dose Aspirin
aspirin aspirin
aspirin Aspirin 81
aspirin Aspirin Regimen Low Dose Adult
aspirin Aspir-Low
aspirin Aspir-Trin
aspirin Aspir-Trin 325 Mg TbEC
aspirin Bayer Aspirin
aspirin Bayer Aspirin Extra Strength
aspirin Bayer Low Dose
aspirin Durlaza
aspirin Ecotrin
aspirin Ecotrin Low Strength
aspirin EcPirin
aspirin St Joseph Low Dose
aspirin (bulk) Aspirin
aspirin-caffeine-dihydrocodein aspirin-caffeine-dihydrocodein
aspirin-caffeine-dihydrocodein Synalgos-DC
aspirin-caffeine-dihydrocodein Synalgos-DC Cap
aspirin-calcium carbonate Bayer Womens
aspirin-codeine aspirin-codeine
auranofin Ridaura
azathioprine Azasan
azathioprine azathioprine
azathioprine Imuran
azathioprine sodium azathioprine sodium
baricitinib Olumiant
belimumab Benlysta
benzhydrocodone-acetaminophen Apadaz
benzhydrocodone-acetaminophen benzhydrocodone-acetaminophen
buprenorphine buprenorphine
buprenorphine Butrans
buprenorphine HCl Belbuca
buprenorphine HCl Buprenex
buprenorphine HCl buprenorphine HCl
buprenorphine HCl (bulk) Buprenorphine HCl
butalbital-acetaminop-caf-cod butalbital-acetaminop-caf-cod
butalbital-acetaminop-caf-cod Fioricet With Codeine 50-325-40-30 Mg Cap
butalbital-acetaminop-caf-cod Fioricet/Codeine
butalbital-acetaminop-caf-cod Phrenilin W/Caffeine-Codeine
butalbital-acetaminophen Allzital
butalbital-acetaminophen Bupap
butalbital-acetaminophen butalbital-acetaminophen
butalbital-acetaminophen Marten-Tab
butalbital-acetaminophen Phrenilin Forte
butalbital-acetaminophen Tencon
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff butalbital-acetaminophen-caff
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Capacet
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Esgic
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Fioricet
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Margesic
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Phrenilin Forte
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Vanatol LQ
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Vanatol S
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Zebutal
butalbital-acetaminophen-caff Zebutal 50-500-40 Mg Cap
butalbital-aspirin-caffeine butalbital-aspirin-caffeine
butalbital-aspirin-caffeine Fiorinal
butorphanol tartrate butorphanol tartrate
butorphanol tartrate Stadol
butorphanol tartrate (bulk) Butorphanol Tartrate
canakinumab (PF) Ilaris
canakinumab (PF) Ilaris (PF) 180 Mg/1.2 Ml (150 Mg/Ml) Solr
celecoxib CeleBREX
celecoxib celecoxib
celecoxib-capsaicin-menthol CapXib
celecoxib-capsai-m-sal-menthol NuDroxiPAK
celecoxib-lidocaine-menthol LidoXib
certolizumab pegol Cimzia
certolizumab pegol Cimzia Prefilled
certolizumab pegol Cimzia Starter Kit
choline,magnesium salicylate choline,magnesium salicylate
clonidine (PF) clonidine (PF)
clonidine (PF) Duraclon
codeine phosphate (bulk) Codeine Phosphate
codeine sulfate codeine sulfate
codeine-butalbital-ASA-caff Ascomp-Codeine
codeine-butalbital-ASA-caff Butinal W/Codeine #3
codeine-butalbital-ASA-caff codeine-butalbital-ASA-caff
codeine-butalbital-ASA-caff Fiorinal/Codeine #3
cyclophosphamide cyclophosphamide
cyclosporine cyclosporine
cyclosporine SandIMMUNE
cyclosporine modified cyclosporine modified
cyclosporine modified Gengraf
cyclosporine modified Neoral
diclofen sod-capsai-m-sal-ment NuDroxiPAK DSDR-50
diclofen sod-capsai-m-sal-ment NuDroxipak DSDR-75
diclofenac potassium Cambia
diclofenac potassium diclofenac potassium
diclofenac potassium Zipsor
diclofenac sodium diclofenac sodium
diclofenac sodium Dyloject
diclofenac sodium Voltaren-XR
diclofenac sod-trolamine salic Inflatherm (Diclofenac-Trolam)
diclofenac submicronized Zorvolex
diclofenac-capsaicin Flexipak
diclofenac-capsaicin NuDiclo TabPak
diclofenac-capsicum oleoresin Inflammacin
diclofenac-capsicum oleoresin PrevidolRx Plus Analgesic
diclofenac-capsicum oleoresin Xenaflamm
diclofenac-lidocaine Lidovix
diclofenac-menthol-camphor Inflatherm
diclofenac-misoprostol Arthrotec
diclofenac-misoprostol diclofenac-misoprostol
diflunisal diflunisal
etanercept Enbrel
etanercept Enbrel Mini
etanercept Enbrel SureClick
Etanercept-Szzs Erelzi
Etanercept-Szzs Erelzi 25 Mg/0.5 Ml (0.5) Syrg
Etanercept-Szzs Erelzi 50 Mg/Ml (1 Ml) Syrg
Etanercept-Ykro Eticovo
Etanercept-Ykro Eticovo 25 Mg/0.5 Ml (0.5) Syrg
Etanercept-Ykro Eticovo 50 Mg/Ml (1 Ml) Syrg
ethanol (ethyl alcohol) ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
etodolac etodolac
etodolac Lodine
etodolac Lodine 500 Mg Tab
etodolac Lodine XL 400 Mg Tb24
etodolac-capsaicin-me-sal-men NuDroxiPAK E-400
fenoprofen fenoprofen
fenoprofen Fenortho
fenoprofen Nalfon
fenoprofen ProFeno
fentanyl Duragesic-100
fentanyl Duragesic-12
fentanyl Duragesic-25
fentanyl Duragesic-50
fentanyl Duragesic-75
fentanyl fentanyl
fentanyl Subsys
fentanyl (bulk) FentaNYL Citrate
fentanyl (PF)-bupivacaine-NaCl fentanyl (PF)-bupivacaine-NaCl
fentanyl citrate Abstral
fentanyl citrate Actiq
fentanyl citrate fentanyl citrate
fentanyl citrate Fentora
fentanyl citrate Fentora 300 Mcg Tbef
fentanyl citrate Lazanda
fentanyl citrate Onsolis 1,200 Mcg Film
fentanyl citrate Onsolis 400 Mcg Film
fentanyl citrate (bulk) FentaNYL Citrate
fentanyl citrate (PF) fentanyl citrate (PF)
fentanyl citrate (PF)-0.9%NaCl fentanyl citrate (PF)-0.9%NaCl
fentanyl citrate in D5W (PF) fentanyl citrate in D5W (PF)
fentanyl HCl Ionsys
fentanyl-ropivacaine-NaCl (PF) fentanyl-ropivacaine-NaCl (PF)
flurbiprofen Ansaid
flurbiprofen flurbiprofen
gold sodium thiomalate (bulk) Gold Sodium Thiomalate
golimumab Simponi
golimumab Simponi Aria
hydrocodone bitartrate hydrocodone bitartrate
hydrocodone bitartrate Hysingla ER
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER (Cp12)
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 10 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 15 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 20 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 30 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 40 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate Zohydro ER 50 Mg Cp12
hydrocodone bitartrate (bulk) HYDROcodone Bitartrate
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Anexsia 7.5-650 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Co-Gesic
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Dolacet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Dolorex Forte
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Hycet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Hydrocet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen hydrocodone-acetaminophen
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen (Cap)
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen 10-750 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Hydrogesic
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Liquicet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lorcet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lorcet 10/650
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lorcet HD
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lorcet Plus
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lorcet Plus 7.5-650 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab 10-500 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab 2.5-500 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab 5-500 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab 7.5-500 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Lortab Elixir 7.5-500 Mg/15 Ml Soln
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Margesic-H
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Maxidone
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Norco
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Polygesic
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Stagesic
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vanacet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Verdrocet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin 5-500 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin ES
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin ES 7.5-750 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin HP
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Vicodin HP 10-660 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Xodol
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Zamicet
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Zolvit
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Zydone 10-400 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Zydone 5-400 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminophen Zydone 7.5-400 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-acetaminoph-supp11 Theracodophen-325
hydrocodone-acetaminoph-supp11 Theracodophen-650
hydrocodone-acetaminoph-supp11 Theracodophen-Low-90
hydrocodone-ibuprofen hydrocodone-ibuprofen
hydrocodone-ibuprofen Ibudone
hydrocodone-ibuprofen Reprexain
hydrocodone-ibuprofen Reprexain 2.5-200 Mg Tab
hydrocodone-ibuprofen Vicoprofen
hydrocodone-ibuprofen Xylon
hydromorph(PF)-ropiv-0.9% NaCl hydromorph(PF)-ropiv-0.9% NaCl
hydromorphone Dilaudid
hydromorphone Exalgo
hydromorphone hydromorphone
hydromorphone (bulk) HYDROmorphone HCl
hydromorphone (PF) Dilaudid
hydromorphone (PF) Dilaudid (PF) 1 Mg/Ml Soln
hydromorphone (PF) Dilaudid-HP (PF) (Solr)
hydromorphone (PF) hydromorphone (PF)
hydromorphone (PF) HYDROmorphone HCl
hydromorphone (PF) HYDROmorphone HCl PF
hydromorphone (PF) in water hydromorphone (PF) in water
hydromorphone (PF)-0.9 % NaCl hydromorphone (PF)-0.9 % NaCl
hydromorphone in 0.9 % NaCl hydromorphone in 0.9 % NaCl
hydromorphone in D5W (PF) hydromorphone in D5W (PF)
hydromorphone-bupiv (PF)-NaCl hydromorphone-bupiv (PF)-NaCl
hydroxychloroquine hydroxychloroquine
hydroxychloroquine Plaquenil
ibuprofen Advil
ibuprofen Advil Junior Strength
ibuprofen Advil Migraine
ibuprofen Caldolor
ibuprofen Caldolor (Pgbk)
ibuprofen Caldolor 400 Mg/4 Ml (100 Mg/Ml) Solr
ibuprofen Childrens Advil
ibuprofen Childrens Motrin
ibuprofen IBU
ibuprofen ibuprofen
ibuprofen Motrin 600 Mg Tab
ibuprofen Motrin IB
ibuprofen Motrin Infants Drops
ibuprofen-caff-B1-B2-B6-B12 IC 400
ibuprofen-caff-B1-B2-B6-B12 IC 800
ibuprofen-capsai-m-sal-menthol NuDroxiPAK I-800
ibuprofen-diphenhydramine cit Advil PM
ibuprofen-diphenhydramine cit Motrin PM
ibuprofen-diphenhydramine HCl Advil PM
ibuprofen-famotidine Duexis
ibuprofen-irr cnt irrit cmb 2 Ibuprofen Comfort Pac
ibuprofen-oxycodone Combunox
ibuprofen-oxycodone ibuprofen-oxycodone
indomethacin Indocin
indomethacin Indocin SR
indomethacin indomethacin
indomethacin submicronized Tivorbex
infliximab Remicade
infliximab-abda Renflexis
infliximab-dyyb Inflectra
ketoprofen ketoprofen
ketorolac ketorolac
ketorolac ReadySharp Ketorolac
ketorolac Sprix
ketorolac Toradol (Tab)
ketorolac/norflurane-HFC 245fa Toronova II SUIK
ketorolac/norflurane-HFC 245fa Toronova SUIK
leflunomide Arava
leflunomide leflunomide
levorphanol tartrate levorphanol tartrate
levorphanol tartrate (bulk) Levorphanol Tartrate
meclofenamate meclofenamate
mefenamic acid mefenamic acid
mefenamic acid Ponstel
meloxicam meloxicam
meloxicam Mobic
meloxicam Qmiiz ODT
meloxicam submicronized Vivlodex
meloxicam-irritant,cntr irr 2 Meloxicam Comfort Pac
meperidine Demerol
meperidine meperidine
meperidine (bulk) Meperidine HCl
meperidine (PF) Demerol
meperidine (PF) meperidine (PF)
meperidine (PF) in 0.9 % NaCl meperidine (PF) in 0.9 % NaCl
meperidine in 0.9 % NaCl meperidine in 0.9 % NaCl
meperidine-promethazine meperidine-promethazine
meperidine-promethazine Meprozine
methadone Dolophine
methadone methadone
methadone Methadone HCl
methadone Methadone HCl Intensol
methadone Methadose
methadone Methadose 10 Mg Tab
methadone (bulk) Methadone HCl
methadone in 0.9 % sod.chlorid methadone in 0.9 % sod.chlorid
methotrexate Xatmep
methotrexate (PF) Otrexup
methotrexate (PF) Rasuvo
methotrexate sodium methotrexate sodium
methotrexate sodium Rheumatrex
methotrexate sodium Trexall
minocycline Minocin
minocycline minocycline
morphine Arymo ER
morphine Avinza 120 Mg CM24
morphine Avinza 30 Mg CM24
morphine Avinza 45 Mg CM24
morphine Avinza 60 Mg CM24
morphine Avinza 75 Mg CM24
morphine Avinza 90 Mg CM24
morphine Kadian
morphine Kadian 130 Mg CERP
morphine Kadian 150 Mg CERP
morphine Kadian 70 Mg CERP
morphine MorphaBond ER
morphine morphine
morphine MS Contin
morphine Oramorph SR 100 Mg TbER
morphine Oramorph SR 15 Mg TbER
morphine Oramorph SR 30 Mg TbER
morphine Oramorph SR 60 Mg TbER
morphine (bulk) Morphine Sulfate
morphine (PF) Astramorph-PF 1 Mg/Ml Soln
morphine (PF) Duramorph
morphine (PF) Infumorph 200
morphine (PF) Infumorph 500
morphine (PF) Mitigo
morphine (PF) morphine (PF)
morphine (PF) Morphine Sulfate
morphine (PF) in 0.9 % sod chl morphine (PF) in 0.9 % sod chl
morphine (PF) in dextrose 5 % morphine (PF) in dextrose 5 %
morphine concentrate morphine concentrate
morphine in 0.9 % sodium chlor morphine in 0.9 % sodium chlor
morphine in dextrose 5 % morphine in dextrose 5 %
morphine-naltrexone Embeda
morphine-naltrexone Embeda (CERP)
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 100-4 Mg CERP
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 20-0.8 Mg CERP
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 30-1.2 Mg CERP
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 50-2 Mg CERP
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 60-2.4 Mg CERP
morphine-naltrexone Embeda 80-3.2 Mg CERP
mycophenolate mofetil CellCept
mycophenolate mofetil mycophenolate mofetil
mycophenolate mofetil (HCl) CellCept Intravenous
mycophenolate mofetil (HCl) mycophenolate mofetil (HCl)
nabumetone nabumetone
nabumetone Relafen 500 Mg Tab
nabumetone Relafen DS
nabumetone-capsai-m-sali-menth NuDroxiPAK N-500
nalbuphine nalbuphine
nalbuphine Nubain 10 Mg/Ml Soln
nalbuphine (bulk) Nalbuphine HCl
naproxen EC-Naprosyn
naproxen Naprosyn
naproxen naproxen
naproxen sodium Aleve
naproxen sodium Anaprox
naproxen sodium Anaprox DS
naproxen sodium Flanax Pain Relief
naproxen sodium Naprelan
naproxen sodium Naprelan 500 Mg TbER
naproxen sodium naproxen sodium
naproxen sodium Naproxen Sodium (Tber)
naproxen-capsaicin-menthol NaproPax
naproxen-capsaicin-menthol NaproxenPAX
naproxen-esomeprazole Vimovo
naproxen-irr cntr irrit cmb #2 Naproxen Comfort Pac
oxaprozin Daypro
oxaprozin oxaprozin
oxycodone Oxaydo
oxycodone Oxecta 5 Mg TbOr
oxycodone Oxecta 7.5 Mg TbOr
oxycodone oxycodone
oxycodone OxyCONTIN
oxycodone OxyContin 160 Mg Tb12
oxycodone OxyIR
oxycodone Roxicodone
oxycodone Roxicodone Intensol
oxycodone RoxyBond
oxycodone RoxyBond 15 Mg TbOr
oxycodone RoxyBond 30 Mg TbOr
oxycodone RoxyBond 5 Mg TbOr
oxycodone (bulk) OxyCODONE HCl
oxycodone HCl-oxycodone-ASA Endodan (Old Formula)
oxycodone HCl-oxycodone-ASA oxycodone HCl-oxycodone-ASA
oxycodone HCl-oxycodone-ASA Percodan 4.5-0.38-325 Mg Tab
oxycodone myristate Xtampza ER
oxycodone-acetaminophen ALCET
oxycodone-acetaminophen Endocet
oxycodone-acetaminophen Lynox 2.5-300 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Magnacet 10-400 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Magnacet 5-400 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Magnacet 7.5-400 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Nalocet
oxycodone-acetaminophen Narvox
oxycodone-acetaminophen oxycodone-acetaminophen
oxycodone-acetaminophen Percocet
oxycodone-acetaminophen Percocet 10-650 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Percocet 7.5-500 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Perloxx 2.5-300 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Primalev 2.5-300 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Primlev
oxycodone-acetaminophen Roxicet (Soln)
oxycodone-acetaminophen Roxicet 5-325 Mg Tab
oxycodone-acetaminophen Tylox
oxycodone-acetaminophen Xartemis XR
oxycodone-acetaminophen Xolox
oxycodone-aspirin Endodan
oxycodone-aspirin oxycodone-aspirin
oxycodone-aspirin Percodan 4.8355-325 Mg Tab
oxymorphone Opana
oxymorphone Opana ER
oxymorphone Opana ER 20 Mg Tb12
oxymorphone oxymorphone
penicillamine Cuprimine
penicillamine Depen Titratabs
penicillamine D-Penamine
penicillamine penicillamine
pentazocine lactate Talwin
pentazocine-acetaminophen pentazocine-acetaminophen
pentazocine-acetaminophen Talacen
pentazocine-naloxone pentazocine-naloxone
pentazocine-naloxone Talwin NX
phenyltolox-acetamin-salicylam Duraxin
piroxicam Feldene
piroxicam piroxicam
propoxyphene Darvon
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Balacet 325
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Darvocet A500
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Darvocet-N 100
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Darvocet-N 50
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Propoxacet-N 100
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen propoxyphene N-acetaminophen
propoxyphene N-acetaminophen Trycet
propoxyphene napsylate Darvon-N
propoxyphene-acetaminophen propoxyphene-acetaminophen
propoxyphene-ASA-caffeine Darvon Compound-65
propoxyphene-ASA-caffeine Propoxyphene Compound-65
rilonacept Arcalyst
rituximab Rituxan
Rituximab-Abbs Truxima (Intravenous Conc)
Rituximab-Pvvr Ruxience
salsalate Disalcid
salsalate salsalate
salsalate (bulk) Salsalate
sarilumab Kevzara
sodium salicylate (bulk) Sodium Salicylate (Bulk) (Crys)
sufentanil citrate Dsuvia
sufentanil-bupivacain-NaCl(PF) sufentanil-bupivacain-NaCl(PF)
sulfasalazine Azulfidine
sulfasalazine Azulfidine EN-tabs
sulfasalazine sulfasalazine
sulindac Clinoril
sulindac sulindac
tapentadol Nucynta
tapentadol Nucynta ER
tocilizumab Actemra
tocilizumab Actemra ACTPen
tofacitinib Xeljanz
tofacitinib Xeljanz XR
tolmetin tolmetin
tramadol ConZip
tramadol Rybix ODT
tramadol Ryzolt 100 Mg TM24
tramadol Ryzolt 200 Mg TM24
tramadol Ryzolt 300 Mg TM24
tramadol tramadol
tramadol Ultram
tramadol Ultram ER
tramadol hydrochloride (bulk) TraMADol HCl
tramadol-acetaminophen tramadol-acetaminophen
tramadol-acetaminophen Ultracet
tramadol-dietary supp. no.11 Theratramadol-60
tramadol-dietary supp. no.11 Theratramadol-90
upadacitinib Rinvoq
ziconotide Prialt