Antiseptics and Disinfectants
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Generic Name Brand Name
1,3-butanediol (bulk) Butylene Glycol
alcohol swabs BD Swab Single Use Regular
alcohol swabs CareTouch Alcohol Prep
alcohol swabs Curity Alcohol Preps
alcohol swabs Easy Touch Alcohol Prep Medium
alcohol swabs Global Alcohol Prep Ease
alcohol swabs GNP Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
alcohol swabs H-E-B inControl Alcohol
alcohol swabs IV Prep Wipes
alcohol swabs Pro Comfort Alcohol
alcohol swabs SAPS Health Care Alcohol Prep
alcohol swabs Sure Comfort Alcohol Prep
alcohol swabs Sure-Prep Alcohol Prep
alcohol swabs True Comfort Alcohol Prep Pads
alcohol swabs UltiCare Alcohol Swabs
alcohol swabs Ultilet Alcohol Swab
alcohol swabs Webcol Alcohol Prep Medium
ammonium and potassium iodides ammonium and potassium iodides
benzalkonium chloride CureChrome
benzalkonium chloride Germbloc Health
benzalkonium chloride Merthiolate
benzalkonium chloride Neosporin Wound Cleanser
benzalkonium chloride Remedy Antimicrobial Cleanser
benzalkonium Cl-oxyquinoline Oxyzal Wet Dressing
benzethonium chloride Antiseptic Wound/Skin Cleanser
benzethonium chloride Bedside-Care Perineal Wash
benzethonium chloride Ca-Rezz Norisc
benzethonium chloride Dermal Wound Cleanser
benzethonium chloride New Skin
benzethonium chloride Perineal Skin Cleanser
benzethonium chloride RA First Aid Saline Wound Wash
benzethonium chloride Secura Moisturizing Cleanser
benzethonium chloride Secura Personal Cleanser
benzethonium chloride Secura Total Body Cleanser
bismuth formic iodide B.F.I.
cadexomer iodine Iodoflex
cadexomer iodine Iodosorb
chlorhexidine acetate (bulk) Chlorhexidine Diacetate
chlorhexidine gluconate Betasept Surgical Scrub
chlorhexidine gluconate chlorhexidine gluconate
chlorhexidine gluconate CVS Hand Wash Advanced Antibac
chlorhexidine gluconate Dyna-Hex 4
chlorhexidine gluconate Hibiclens
chlorhexidine gluconate HM Antiseptic Skin Cleanser
chloroxylenol Periclean
chloroxylenol Perigiene
chloroxylenol Prep Protective Skin Barrier
chloroxylenol Sween Prep
ethyl alcohol Alcohol (Rubbing)
ethyl alcohol Dermagel Hand Sanitizer
ethyl alcohol GelRite Hand Sanitizer
ethyl alcohol Isagel
ethyl alcohol Medi-First Antiseptic Cleaner
ethyl alcohol RA Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol
ethyl alcohol RA Instant Hand Sanitizer/Aloe
ethyl alcohol SM Advanced Hand Sanitizer
formaldehyde Formadon
formaldehyde formaldehyde
formaldehyde Formaldehyde (Topical Soln)
formaldehyde Forma-Ray
formaldehyde (bulk) Formaldehyde
glutaraldehyde glutaraldehyde
glutaraldehyde (bulk) Glutaraldehyde in Water
hexylresorcinol ST-37
HOCl-Na hy-NaMgF-Na ph-NaCl-wa Microcyn
hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide
hydrogen peroxide (bulk) Hydrogen Peroxide
hypoc ac-sod hyp-NaCl-el water Hyclodex
hypoc ac-sod hyp-NaCl-el water Microcyn
iodine (bulk) Iodine Resublimed
iodine strong iodine strong
iodine-potassium iodide iodine-potassium iodide
iodine-potassium iodide Lugols
iodine-sodium iodide Iodine
iodine-sodium iodide iodine-sodium iodide
iodoform (bulk) Iodoform
isopropyl alcohol Alcoh-Glove Contoured Wipe
isopropyl alcohol Alcoh-Wipe
isopropyl alcohol CVS Isopropyl Alcohol
isopropyl alcohol Isopropyl Alcohol
isopropyl alcohol-benzocaine isopropyl alcohol-benzocaine
methylbenzethonium chloride Bedside-Care
oxychlorosene sodium Clorpactin
parachlorophenol (bulk) Parachlorophenol
phenol Castellani Paint
phenol Castellani Paint Modified
phenol phenol
phenol (bulk) Phenol
skin cleanser,general Dermal Wound Cleanser
sodium hypochlorite Anasept
sodium hypochlorite Anasept Antimicrobial
sodium hypochlorite Dakins
sodium hypochlorite Dakins (1/2 strength)
sodium hypochlorite Dakins (1/4 strength)
sodium hypochlorite Di-Dak-Sol
sodium hypochlorite H-Chlor 12
sodium hypochlorite H-Chlor 6
sodium hypochlorite H-Chlor Wound
sodium hypochlorite HySept
triclosan AmeriWash
triclosan Antibacterial Liquid Soap
triclosan ASC Lotionized Antimicrobial
triclosan Ca-Rezz
triclosan Cetaphil Antibacterial
triclosan Gentle Rain
triclosan (bulk) Triclosan